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So, in case anybody still updates this thread, here's all the tunings used on Dream Theater's latest (the self-titled).

6 String in E standard for The Looking Glass, Surrender to Reason, Along for the Ride, and the acoustic guitar parts in The Bigger Picture. There's also a 12 string acoustic in Surrender to Reason, which is in E standard.

7 String in B standard for The Enemy Inside, Enigma Machine, Behind the Veil, and the electric guitar parts of The Bigger Picture.

7 String in A Standard for False Awakening Suite and Illumination Theory.
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Within Temptation
Enter, The Dance EP, and Mother Earth albums are in D Standard
The Silent Force - Hydra use Seven Strings in standard tuning.
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My ears aren't trained enough to figure out what tuning Cough plays in, iI know its pretty low but it would be a godsend if anyone knew. They aren't that big, but they are an amazing doom metal band.