Everyday i see a thrread with someone asking about OD pedals, and often they have a solid state amp. and then, of course, someone says, "Hey noob, ID pedals dont work on SS state amps, go bye a tube amp."
Well first of all, i must say, most people cant just go out and buy a new amp, especially when there just trying to add a little different tone to what they have. Their just trying learn, give them a break.

second of all, just yesterday i played a concert with my University Jazz band. I used the universities solid state amp with my MIM strat. and guess what i also used, my homemade tubescreamer, and guess what, It sounded really nice. I was surprised.
and also, that solid state amp sounds pretty good clean too.
We just want everyone to get the most bang for their buck. We don't say those things to intimidate them.
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Well OD pedals are designed to overdrive the tubes in an amp, no naturally it won't sound AS good as if you used it with tube amp. It can still work, though.

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We just want everyone to get the most bang for their buck. We don't say those things to intimidate them.

Awww really?

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so o/d pedals work well with solid state amps and some wont work as good, but things like the boss dyna drive is there to simulate the sounds of a valve amp breaking up when you hit the strings harder.
this sort of thing will help your solid state amp sound more like a tube amp or in tube amp may make it sound a more natural overdrive at sensible volume levels.
things like treble boosters are designed to push the tubes in a valve amp into overdrive and there fore obviously arnt going to sound as good on solid states.
at the end of the day tones subjective, if you like the sound does it matter if its solid state or v/v
Was the university's amp Jazz Chorus? Those are really nice amps with great cleans and take pedals well. That is probably why the OD sounded nice. Its just when kids with 15 watt starter amps want an OD we stop them because they won't sound good.
it was some fender solid state. dont remember the name, not a frontman (FM)
it also depends on the sound you want. if you want a good classic rock distortion and the distortion on your amp sucks then i can see putting your amp on the clean channel and using the overdrive pedal for a distortion. but generally when your amp is distorted and you try to push it harder with an overdrive pedal, it just gets muddy and sounds like garbage.
Another issue with running an OD on a solid state is Clipping. Solid state amps do not like a tone of level input. Tube amps need the extra level and bump to throw the tubes into overdrive mode. Solid states are already modeled to be at that point. So adding really high levels makes throws them for a loop and the clipping is pretty nasty or it just cuts the amp off when you strum. I experianced this with my Mxr 10 band eq with gain control and yesterday i modified a MXR Distortion + and basically turned it into a overdrive monster and it psyhically cut my solid state amp completely off after 3/4 level. But when i hooked it up to the valveking and cranked it to 11 the thing was insane and had headroom for days. So thats something you want to look out for and why you shouldnt use OD's on Solid states. They just dont sound good or overload the circuit...
It won't clip if you turn the level down... on a bad monkey for example... I use mine on my tube amp and solid state practice amp. My solid state amp doesn't have the saturated gain that I like and the bad monkey makes it sound tighter and adds tons of gain to it. And then with my tube amp.. pushes my tubes and does the same thing.
when i tried an od pedal on a roland cube it sounded like ass, but it sounds amazing on my tube amp

Overdrive pedals are NOT made for driving the tubes in an amp harder. That's a common use, but a clean boost would do the same, an OD is just a common substitute. Overdrive pedals were designed to emulate the sound of overdriven tubes, generally with a solid-state circuit.

OD pedal + tube amp = turn up the level for clean boost.
OD pedal + solidstate amp = turn up the gain for faux-tube break-up.
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I actually quite like what my OD or EQ pedal does to a SS amp. Makes an amp that sounds like crap into something that would make you second guess what you're playing through.
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go bye a tube amp.

correction: go "buy" a tube amp

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