Hi there!

Have been browsing around some pedals for switching between amps etc. I've come across a few (Boss AB-1, Behringer, artec Switch Box etc) and was just wondering what people on here thought was the best one out there for value and what your experiences were with them. I own a JCM 900 dual reverb and want to switch to a fender twin reverb for a cleaner signal during the set. I'm using a Big Muff through the twin reverb as it does not sound very good through the JCM 900 clean channel (sounds quite muddy and without character)

Any ideas?

I just know that some pros use Switch boxes...idk...
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behringer are extreamly low quality and cheeep.

boss is your best bet.
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I was kinda hoping for a bit more on this.

I've read up a bit more on the Boss. On some reviews on Harmony Central, I've read that it makes a pop switching between amps. Does anyone know if this is true? Are there any that don't do this?

Please help as I am looking to purchase one asap!

I just use a EHX switchblade, completely passive:-). Though it can get noisy, Tonebone make a switcher that is meant to be good. Expensive but..