If I am playing a song that calls for the following B flat power chord...


Technically I could use this one instead, right?


I just wanted to know because I learned a song "wrong", at least not the way the artist played it but it sounds the same and as far as I can tell it is the same b flat power chord so whats the difference since I already went through all the work to learn it one way.

Am I way off or right on? Cause if I am right certain things are starting to make sense to me, if not back to the drawing board...
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Yup, if you're in standard tuning, it's the exact same chord, so you can play it either way. Whatever is easier for you.
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the power chord notes are the same so it's the same chord...

sometimes depends on the guitar...
sometimes sounds better 1-3-3...sometimes 6-8-8...
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well either yes, but with some guitars the lower stringed ones sound less "powerful"
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Yeah, that's the exact same notes. The only difference is the tone that you get from the G string compared to the low E, and that's personal preference.
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