Hey everyone, was just wondering if this mini-PA/amp thing would be good for vocals, in a smallish band practise environment? I'm sick with having to put my voice through crappy 10-watt solid state guitar amps and want something that I can actually hear properly with clear sound.


I'm planning on getting a Shure SM-58 as I have heard they're very versatile and rated well.

I have a Laney LC-15R valve amp, pretty loud but can go anywhere in between, it's great. Drummer is very loud though, room is quite small for a practise room, just bout a bit bigger than the average sized lounge/living room/front room.

save some more money and get some more wattage...
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My band was having a similar issue not to long ago so we just all chipped in and bought a PA and two floor monitors it works ****ing amazingly well.

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Keep your eyes open for a used peavey pass port pa. Plenty enough for practice.