I was a guitarist (13 years) and recently I started playing bass in a band, and I've picked up kinda quickly (relatively I suppose) but I was wondering if there were any songs that were good to learn to improve/learn certain techniques? I mainly play slap/pop bass, but I would like to expand that as well.


Also, I have been looking for a new bass (I currently play a Squire P-Bass that I got for free) and I really enjoy the sound of the Schecter Stilleto Elite 4, but I was wondering if there were any basses that I might not know about (like I said, I was a guitarist for a long time, well I still am, but I don't know much about basses)

Thanks again!
go for the pick.. lpay some green day and stuff like that.. ramones .. lol
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If you want to play slap, you can't go wrong with a Fender Jazz Bass.

However, if you don't have the budget for one, you can always just get a Squier Jazz Bass. They're almost $300 less, and, in my opinion, play just as well.

They won't last as long as a Fender, but they are still very underrated basses.
Squier Modified Jazz bass

great bass, will last you a while, affordable

and great looks to boot

awesome for slap

and...cannot be stressed enough:

A good bass amp is more important than a good bass

as for songs to learn?

erm, check out some Primus, nice mix of slap/pop and strum

To Defy the Laws of Tradition is on of my favoruites

and Lacquer head sounds really cool, but is dead easy one you've got the left hand tap down and seems to really impress people, especially if you play the bass soloy-bit

there's a great lesson on you-tube

just type in lacquer head

welcome to the world of bass my friend
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A good bass amp is more important than a good bass

I'm not so sure. Certainly the amp isn't as big a deal to a bassist's tone as a guitarist's, alot more bassists plug straight into the PA than guitarists, Plus you don't have the same issues about overdrive as a guitarist.

What i would say, and this is just my oppinion, is that a more expensive bass doesn't mean a better bass in the same way as a more expensive guitar means a better guitar,
but maybie i'm just me kidding myself on and pretending my (cheapo) bass is better than it actually is cos i'm too stingy to buy a new one.
That is absolutely untrue. Some bassists choose to go straight to PA, but others make the decision to have an amp with all of the preamp before going to the PA. So while the cabs aren't as important (although still important for stage sound, and the better the stage sound the better you'll play) the amp is still VERY important for how you're going to sound.

As for the cheaper bass remark, I'm guessing you're not all that experienced with basses. The difference between a Squier Standard Jazz Bass and a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass is absolutely IMMENSE.

To the TS, songs don't make you that much better. Exercises and lots of practise make you better. Songs should be more of a gauge to see how far you've advanced as well as being used to apply the technique and exercises.