I just got a Line6 Toneport GX. I installed everything I needed to, had gearbox open and my guitar connected...

No sound.

The levels were moving, so I assume that it is just my speakers which aren't working. Its installed on my Laptop, and this is the layout of the connections-

Guitar --> Toneport --> Laptop USB Port

Laptop headphone Jack --> Stereo speakers.

I tried the Line6 site, but they're never really clear on anything.

Help? Thanks.
You need a monitoring program to listen through your PC. You could use Audacity but you'll end up getting lag. Your best bet is to plug your speakers directly into your Toneport. You could use a 1/8" jack to 1/4" jack adapter.
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Yeah just plug the speakers into the toneport, or use headphones. (this is what I use)
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When you record something and play it up, you will hear it.
But to hear it "live", you'll have to get a cable running out from the toneport phones jack in to either Mic or Line out jack at your computer, or directly into the speakers as monitors.
Hope I was to any help, if this doesnt work Im not sure what is wrong.