i'm looking to join a band in around the kilkenny area, (in ireland)

i'm a female singer and can do a range of vocals,
i can play the piano to an extent and am learning to play the guitar (and i don't mind which type of music to play aslong as it's not country lolz)
i am also a lyricist if anyone needs one

please please please reply!!! i'll do anything XD XD XD

EDIT: online bands are good too if anyone needs a guitarist/vocalist for one ^^

i forgot to meantion what music i like
linkin park, korn, placebo, evanescence, nirvana, metallica, AC/DC , my chemical romance, DOPE,

actually anything really ^_^
i design CD covers and Band Logos.
see my website for requests and exsamples of my work
Miss Morphine Designs
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Will Dublin do??
I would actually like to do little electronic project sometime with a female vocalist.
Something similar to maybe Frou Frou, Jakalope (check em out, they're brilliant! Trent Reznor from NIN worked on its production) and the likes.
Something electronic/industrial/indie kinda.
I'ld be producing and recording the music (beats, synths n the stuff), you could do the lyrics and singing with some piano work.
My influences Range from NIN to Aphex Twin and everything in between when it comes to production.

If you could come down to Dublin sometime... maybe!

Anyway PM me or something if you're interested cuz i doubt i'll be checking this forum!
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