im getting a new amp soon, probobly a vox ad50vt and was wondering if it was neccasary to keep my boss GT-5? i play mostly rock, punk etc.
Also, if i was selling my boss, are single stomp boxes worth getting if i wanted a different sound? I want to know why single effects are so expensive for one effect compared to an effects processor with hundreds.

Effect processors have a tendency to take away from the original tone of the amp. Good stomp pedals are true bypass and don't screw around with the original signal.
youd want to at least keep the boss for a while to see how you like its interaction with the new amp. Chances are, youre just a bit pissed off at the tone youre getting now but it doesnt have anything to do with the Boss.

Get the new amp and dont sell the boss for 2 months whatever happens.
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Quote by CJRocker
GT-5? There is a GT6, a GT3, a GT8, and a GT10, but no GT5 that I knwo of.

well i have a gt-5 and as does my guitar tutor
Keep your gt-5.

It's simply the best out of the GT-range. 8 is a joke compared to 5.
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