I'm looking for a book/website that has some good "A" standard short stories......

Roughly 1500 words in length with some originality and aesthetic language.

yes i plan on using them for school.......

I'm sitting my leaving cert in 3 months (life changing exam) and for English I have to write a 1500 word essay so I want to get some ideas and hopefully improve the standard of my English.

Are you planning to use them for inspiration? Are you planning to see how a 1500 word story is structured? Or are you planning to copy? If you are planning on using them to help yourself write your own story, I am more than willing to lend a hand.
inspiration + structure and maybe even the idea behind the essays

the exam is supervised (obviously) so copying will be impossible!

I want to rob a few useful phrases too.....

I read alot but I find it hard write good essays in so few words!

That site has plenty of short stories and even has a Essays section.

If you have any questions about story writing, I can help. Unfortunately, essays aren't my strong point, and you probably know everything I know already, but if you need to ask me anything about anything, feel free to ask, and best of luck with your exam.
Nolan White(the guy who post on UG) has some decent short stories. His site is nolanwhite.com