So im driving down the street toay and i see my old gym teacher walking past, he musta gained 60lbs, fat as **** now. Back in school he always thought he was hot sh1t cause he was in Vietnam , reckon he killed a couple Vietish guys with his bare hands, aint noone believed that b1tchs stories.

Remembered when i was in school, every gym class he was always talking sh1t about me infront of everyone else cause i totally out jacked his ass. Hed be giving a lecture about nutrition n sh1t, started telling the class people who take proteisn end up dying on a machine 20 years later and hes like "im all natural" n starts flexing his weak ass old man arms. Next day rumors going round school that im somekinda protein pussy, when your the most jacked teen in the city people think you must be chuging down all kinds of ****,

He got my ass suspended for two weeks too cause i turned up for class sore as **** one time from my 3hour jack session and hes like "get the hell up here" telling me to do some pussy exercise. I aint got time for that **** so i tell him to get someone else and hes all "big but weak, i thought so" so im like "id kick your ass son". Class is damn near off the scale rioting now, wanna see me wreck him on the mats.

He tells me to go for it, trying to stare me down thinks im gonna back down like a b1tch, so i step up and we start tusslin infront of the class, people r like "kick his ****ing ass" and cheering me on. I wasnt even breaking a sweat, hes puffing gonna have a damn heart attack or some sh1t. He tries his weak ass army moves on me but he aint never faced no 220lb vietish soldier before and he cant get me to the ground. Im like "come on old man" class is laughing their damn asses off n hes about to collapse so i grab holda his shirt and tossed his ass over my head onto the mat.

Hes laying on the floor, coughing his ass off, damnear knocked out n the class has gone ****ing insane, they were sick of his sh1t too. Theyre hollering and shouting when some gym assistant guy comes running in wanna know what the **** all the noise is about. Next thing im infront of the principle, gym teacher tells him i jumped him in class ni got my my ass suspended.

Crew found out and was like "hell no he craxy messing wit us,he wanna die?". That night they waited in the school carpark balaclavered up n beat his ass down with a bat when he came out. Put his ass in hospital for a month.

When i got back to shool we gotta new HB10 woman gym teacher fresh outta college, didnt see hisass again. Turned drunk or sum **** i heard.