Had movie companys all over my ass, wanna make a movie about me since i was 12 years old. Aint nothing like some real life hardcore street sh1t to draw in a couple billion in the box office.

Had a meeting just last week with movie bosses. Got all the money n sh1t sorted out, $100 mil son. Hooked me up with a tight ass trailer on set, 50 inch plasma screen, kingsize bed, phone, couple tons of weights, fridge stocked with beer n ****.

I make sum calls n staright up i got agents begging me to get their actors onboard, im like "**** Ben Affleck" only guy man enough to play me is that Polska strongman. Call him up and im like "you wanna get some Oscars n sh1t playing me??", didnt need to ask twice. I tell him to gain another 20lbs o muscle n get over to LA for filming.

Dont need no script. All a true story straight outta my head. You pussies aint never gonna believe the kinda actions scene i got, close up bone snappin, police chases, beatdowns, a different 10 in every scene. This is how i roll.

Got a couple more strong assed guys playing my crew. Had to book em in for plastic surgery n **** cause they are ugly ****ers but aint no one else got the jacked frame to play us.

Went down to the set last night. Got my whole hometown made up, house clubs, park, lake. Got a couple hundred gallons of blood too for the action scenes. Producer saw it and is like "wtf u need all this for" and tell him "this aint no steven spielberg son. some peeps r getting get messed the **** up up in here"

Been filiming some opening scenes today when my dad gets a beatdown for talking sh1t, me n the crew are watching from the set, had to stop filming 3 times cause we were hollering n laughing. Good memories.

This summer, youd best get ready.


Me:Polska stronbgman
Dad: Robert Deniro
Barmaids at the club: Coiple californian 10's of the beach
Director: My man J-Bomb

Like a mirror

Crew actors

You want Pg13 go see that pussy bruce Willis, this is extreme sh1t here son.