Ok, so i think i'm on the verge of cracking music theory, but just a quick question to make sure what i think is correct is actually correct

so, for a song to "make sense" it should be in a key, eg C major
so if it's in key C major, you should only use chords from the C major scale, and solo's should only be made up from notes of a C major scale?

is all that roughly correct?


sorry.. but theorys way deeper than that..

but yes, what youre saying does "work"
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Most simple (boring) songs are written like that.
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Songs change keys from time to time and if every solo was like... Wow it would be boring.
yup, congrats, you have officially cracked music theory. Please proceed to your local university and inform them that that you are ready to accept your degree. Don't worry if they argue, there is absolutely no reason for you to study a full 4 years when you already have such a firm grasp of the world of music. Truly sirrah, you are a titan of harmony sent from the furthest bredth of paridise to bless the world with your billowing cadence.

...but yeah sure, just play chords in c-major and you'll probably figure it out with trial and error.
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i meant basic theory knowledge
i'm self taught so don't know alot of theory (evidently)
just wanted to know if what i was saying was vaugley correct, and on the right path, that was all
but thanks for input
Yes, all that is correct. It obviously gets way more complex, but you're on the right track.

For more info, read the "learn your theory" link in my sig.
^that "shut up and learn your theory n00b!" link isn't so great, you'd be much better off with a theory book imo
thats cool if you like it, but it's obviously written by someone with no formal music training & has some issues
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^ i think there is a lack of explanation in that sig.
In mine?

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thats cool if you like it, but it's obviously written by someone with no formal music training & has some issues
Please elaborate. You may be right, but that's a pretty bold statement to make.
Well after glancing over it;

No mention of Harmonic vs Melodic Intervals
Mixing “Sharp” and “Augmented” in the interval chart
labeling Octave as Unison(Octave Higher)(maybe nitpicky but simply saying Octave would be more direct)
Mislabeling bb7 as A (should be Bbb)
The Circle of Fifths is backwards
“C9sus2sus4 is better named as Gm11” - Not necessarily depends on context and C9sus2sus4 would be C9sus or C9sus4 anyways
The Harmonic Minor section doesn’t even mention the main idea of the scale- Harmony – most commonly a V chord for a minor key
I have no idea why they are the same” when referring to descending melodic minor & Aeolian

edit - removed the harmonic minor steps part after re-reading article: in terms of naming in steps WH makes sense. though it would be helpful for readers to say 'the WH step in harmonic minor is also referred to as an augmented 2nd'
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^Can we edit an existing article? Or make a second edition? I think the article is generally pretty good, though I'd like to get rid of mistakes like those.
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^ i think there is a lack of explanation in that sig.

what's a sig?
^ to be honest i just read theought it all a nd i retract my statemant but i always though there was more to c05ths than just know ing the key signature.so i assumed it was not giving me enouph information. but i shoulda tead it before saying anything
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bwahaha, conform to music theory, it is the way of the future!
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music theory may as well be written in chinese because it is extremely complex to grasp. I take one look about "intervals" and "perfect fifths" being diminished and what not and I my head kills me. lol..it's just too much.. I'll stick to playing songs I like (chord wise)