I've been looking to replace the pickups on My PRS SE custom. The pickups in it aren't bad, but I kind of want more power. I thought about PRS Dragon II's, but then I hear about people swapping those pickups with Seymour Duncans or EMG's. Then I looked at Gibson's and I liked the idea of making a Frankenstein guitar, but I'm still unsure. I don't want active pickups mainly because I don't won't to rewire my guitar.

I play mainly a metal/rock tone, but I want versatility as well.

I play through a crate 2X12 120watt amp with a Boss distortion pedal. I like the amps sound so don't suggest buying another one, Crate haters.
I'm not a 'Crate hater' as such but I honestly think retrofit pickups would be a total waste of money - you'll hear no difference. The SE stock 'buckers are pretty decent, stick with em. In fact I don't agree with the idea of using pickups for 'power' in general; this isn't the 70s any more, and most amps have master volumes and onboard gain these days...