Well guys, just wondering who is into 4x4ing? lets share stories, rigs, and anything 4x4 related!

I'll start with one of my stories. Some buddies and I are really into 4x4ing and we were bored on night so we decide to go cruise up in the local trails. Well long story short we got stuck a few hours out, and had to walk out with no cell phone reception. well we all made it out alive at 3am!

I drive an 87 jeep Cherokee , 6 inch lift, 33 inch BFG MT

So UG tell some stories!
Driving vehicles on which the gear box drives all 4 wheels at once over weird terrains whilst getting hammered.
When I came in, I thought 4x4 was some weird sex thing. How scary the first post was.
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Awe good times. I have some fun memories of playing in mud holes and stuff, but nothing ever crazy.

I had an 86 GMC/Chevy, a 3 inch lift and 33's on the rims. I would of loved to of had a larger lift kit but i did use it as a daily driver, and 6 inch lift kits can be pricey.

But she's long gone now. Sold her to my friend, and now its just sitting in someones back yard rusting.
I'm more of a 2x4 guy.

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I do a little bit of wheeling. I've got a '98 Wrangler. Pretty much stock except for 31" all-terrains. I'm gonna be going 33" with a 3" lift soon. No great stories, except for the time I got stuck in an 18" deep puddle.
Hi, I'm Peter
I have an '84 Jeep Cj-7 stock that works great in pretty much any conditions. Me an' my friends go mud bogging and Ice/snow climbing as well as just regular trail 4X4'ing. Actually, I should say I used to go with them since I'm still waiting for it(the jeep) to get fixed since I got rear ended about a month and a half ago.

No insane stories to tell, nothing bad or really awesome has ever happened to me or my friends, although my friends did go mud bogging in golf carts recently.
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Haha, like on a golf course?

ill tell another one. not really 4x4ing seeing as i was just driving on the highway, but my rear drive shaft exploded making horrific sounds just about **** my pants. pulled over and tied it back up so it wasnt hanging on the ground. had to put it into 4x4 (so the front drive would work) to get home. needles to say pretty scary.
^ Yeah, I had my rear diff blow up on me driving from CT to NY. The gears sounded like they were screaming for about 100 miles. I'm really surprised I didn't end up stranded. Cost me about $650 to repair.
Hi, I'm Peter
^ aha ya man scary noises! part of the fun is working on my jeep to make it better and stronger
My family has a place in Maine and there are a lot of old logging trails all through the woods. At the time my brother had an Isuzu Rodeo, not the best for wheelin, especially mud. anyway we left our camp some time before dinner 4:30 ish. were havin fun with some puddles, some logs, nothing too big. Well we come to a fork in the road and my brother decides to take the trail that looks like it hadn't been driven on in years. no less than 100 yards in it gets a little muddy and the front wheels go over one log then another and then the rear gets hung up on the first log. The car was straddling two parallel logs perpindicular to the car. Worst par is that the mud it up to the bottom of the doors. We tried everything to get it out, bark under the tires, pushing to no avail. We soon realize that the sun is going down soon and we are in the middle of the dense Maine forest with bears, wolves, moose, and everything else. We ran/jogged/walked/limped/crawled/rolled/ our asses back to our camp. The walk was a good 6 miles or so. Just as the sun had set we get back to camp. The only thing my dad had to say to us when he saw my brother and I and our two friends as walked in was "this dosent look good". so we got some dinner in us and set out in a convoy to retrieve my brother's stuck rodeo.My dad drove his 99 chevy Suburban 2500 and my mom drove our secret weapon... our '54 Jeep Willys with a winch powered by the transfer case. Once we got there we had to chain the jeep to a tree because you have to have it in neutral to power the winch. That Lil 'Ole four banger pulled that sucker out of that mud as easy as opening a can of soda. we drive back to camp and my dad rewards us with a beer saying "you've earned it after today"
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we are in the middle of the dense Maine forest with bears, wolves, moose, and everything else.

You know it really weird that the moose is such a dangerous animal, well at certain times of the year. Well i'm in Texas and i have to say, i will take our snakes over bears, wolves and moose any day.

But all in all when you think back about a trip like that it is a pretty cool and fun experience even though it sucks at the time. It also make a great story.
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Heres a picture of my little 4X4. Its completely stock right now, but after a few modifications it should be able to handle some dirt and rocks.

Be cool.
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Since when did math problems become verbs?

Before the words "text" or "google" became verbs.
Hi, I'm Peter

2.2i - 2 inch lift - MT 31's - Vauxhall Frontera

I had a ghost in the machine, the engine used to rev itself sometimes! Amazing machine, apart from being a bitch to start somedays she ran like a watch when she got going.

Im callin BS, pics of your rig or it didnt happen!

Yes, i love pics.
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Before the words "text" or "google" became verbs.

True, I suppose, though I can not recall ever using either of those words in a serious manner.
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