I was hoping for some tips on writing music akin to The Blood Brothers or The Jonbenet and a lesser extent(old) Drive like Jehu. Checking the tabs section only has bass tabs for 95% of the Blood Brothers songs, only 4 or 5 tabs a piece of Jonbenet and DLJ.

I guessing asking for any specific tips on writing guitar parts in their style of music. I don't think they are just pounding power chords the whole time but they play fast also.

Can anyone help me? If my explanation isn't good enough, please tell me and I will try again.
Ah, The Jonbenet. wonderful band. Not worth learning how to play... that style of music can just be made up easily.
Learn and analyse their songs, and apply what you want.

If there aren't tabs already of the songs you want to learn, tab them yourself (It will do wonders for your ear)
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The thing is(especially with Blood Brothers songs) I can't tell what the guitar is doing. Just, you know, if anybody has any general tips, that'd be cool. You can't really pile random powerchords into multiple songs.