There isn't really a 'best' set of string. There are preferred ones though! I like Dean Markley Blue Steels.

I'm going to guess and say you'll get a lot of Super Slinky recommendations!
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God knows. I've tried all sorts of 'pro quality' strings and that, but in my opinion nothing beats GHS Nickel Rockers. Thomasik are pretty good, and D'Addarios Pure Nickels deserve a mention too.
I either use D'Addario or Ernie Ball, whatever they got specials on, it really doesnt matter when you're in the same price range.
i use elixirs, they last longer and slide nicer on the wound strings. worth the price imo
i say no to elixers. too expensive. i tried three sets, and broke them all withion a week. i dont beat the s hi t out of my guitar, either. i like dean markleys and martin electric strings, as odd as that may sound.
gibson vintage reissue
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I've never ever found a set of strings near as good as Polyweb Elixirs, atleast for acousitc. They are amazing.
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I like DR 11-50 tite-fits.
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for electric pure nickel wound earnie ball slinkys
for acoustic earthwood rock and blues
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i use elixirs, they last longer and slide nicer on the wound strings. worth the price imo

the coating makes the tone too muddy
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I personally like DR Xtra Life and I do play a lot of blues/rock. They do last longer than un-coated strings and the don't feel or sound much different IMO. Plus the colors are fun
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ernie ball power slinkys (whe super just aint thick enuff)
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Wow... so many suggestions.
This is my setup

Hagstrom Select Swede: Dean Markley Blue Steels 13-56
B.C. Rich Warlock: Dean Markley Blue Steels 10-46
Alvarez Acoustic: Elixir Polyweb 10-47