So I'm looking into a cheap backup amp for my Crate VC 50 212. So far I have narrowed down my choices to a Fender Princeton Reverb 2-10, or a Fender Stage 100 DSP. Anyone has these who cares to comment on them, or does anyone have any other suggestions for a cheap, yet dependable backup. I play mostly alternative rock ( kind of Foo Fighters - esque, maybe a beatles cover thrown in now and again)
Usually by the time you know you need a backup amp its too late. You might carry the spare with you at first then after a few shows you will start leaving it at home and then boom it happens. You amp goes out.... My suggestion is get the crate powerblock. Yes its not the greatest amp. But its small, simple and can be setup in a pinch. I've seen alot of guys using them at the clubs down here. They actually set them up as part of the rig but dont connect them unless something goes out. Then they just plug in the speaker cable and there on there way...
Buy my AD50VT. $300...
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