I bought the new B.C. Rich Mockingbird Special ( http://www.bcrich.com/mockingbird_special.html ) and has been awesome!

So I played my first gig with it. It was going well until, in a heavier song, I took a swing and the 3 bass strings jumped clean off the bridge saddles! After all the embarrasment of screwing up, i got the stings back in position, but it was awfully out of tune.

Does anyone know if its possible to get the grooves in the bridge saddles deepened so this won't happen again?

Also, i don't know if it's related but since then, the guitar has never been able to hold it's tuning.

Any ideas?
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The strings were new about a week ago and did remember to stretch them out, so they shouldn't be losing the tuning yet surely?
Do or do not, there is no try. - Albus Dumbledore
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