Im About To Buy a New Valve Combo Amp the one i want comes in various speaker configs they are as follows:


just wanted a little feedback ie which you think is best any why type of thing to help me decide.

cheers folks
2x12, 2 speakers, 12 inch each, more air pushed...

edit:also depends what speaker..
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my old amp was 2x10, the new 2x12 sounds much fuller in the low and mid-range. I disconnected one speaker and it didnt change the volume output much, but i'm at low volumes anyway. i vote 1x12 or 2x12.
I vote 1x12 and buy a 1x12 or 2x12 cab later.
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I always suggest the 1x12 combo. Easier to get around, less expensive to upgrade. If you feel you want more speakers down the road, you can always add a cab.
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i never really thought about it like that. tbh price isn't really an issue this amp is by no means extravagant but i just fancied trying one. good idea though!