Well guys and girls you said you wanted to here it with drums so me and
12Jim34 collaborated, he made the drums and a base track, and I did the guitar.
I’m very pleased with the out come.

I have gone through a lot to get this made, I’m not the most consistent player in the world and as a result I have nearly thrown my guitar and laptop out the window many times, cause I just simply kept ****ing up.

But now it’s done and dusted, I may one day add vocals to it, but that's a least a month or so off for now.

So thank you 12Jim34 for doing the drums, and I would like some crit and con from you guys.

So what do you think?


Unfortunately because I have to render it in mp3 and at 128kbs it has sapped a lot of the fun out of it but u get the idea.


Depths of Hell, final full mix!
Cool track, deadly sinister sounding riffs, drumming and guitar playing are really tight, and the sound quality's great, guitar sounds pretty good.
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Awwwww yeah! sick drums!

I already liked the original song and my only thought was adding drums. Now I believe 2 guitars would be the ultimate.
wow, not a bad song at all. log influence with a hint of slayer. i like.

please hit up some vocals- i'd love to see what direction the song goes in with some lyrics. do you imagine your vocals sounding like randy? or maybe your own style is completely different.

oh, and a second guitar part with some harmonies would make this track shine like crazy.

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