I sent my acoustic to try and get the action lowered, because the strings are higher than the normal guitar and its hard on my fingers because im kind of new to guitar. There was a small crack on the bottom of the neck which they said might make it hard to do, but i got a call and they said it would be $45 to fix the neck, adjust the action, and restring it. I think im gonna just do this because it will make it easier to play and ill have that guitar forever.

Thanks, if you read that.
My question as if i should say i want it adjusted for that price... and i think my fingers are pretty strong already, and i just want to play some stuff on my acoustic that i cant because the strings are so high.
might as well get it adjusted then? if your fingers are strong enough, then thats fine.
Depends what guitar it was for me, I wouldn't want to spend $45 to fix the neck on a $99-$150 acoustic.