So I'm a bass player by trade and have been dabbling in Electric Guitar over the last few weeks, I'm not very good as you can imagine. The thing is though, I'm just not getting inspired by anything I'm doing, I'm going over scales and trying some basic chord sequences, which I still have got the hang of.
The thing is, it's just not fun, I really admire guitarists and wanted to play guitar before I started to play bass. ( I am by no means one of these Failed Guitarist Bass Players though, I do love the thing). I just don't feel inspired to play anything atall. Does anyone know of some usefull practises that will get me inspired to play and improve, I'm into Metal and Rock if that's usefull.
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Definitely try learning some songs.
For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica is a nice easy one to get you started.
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ye, when you're starting out you should always try to learn some songs along with your scales and the like. when you get one right, it makes you feel like you're getting somewhere.
It's also good to maybe play some easy cover songs with some friends or fool around, ive been playing bass for 2 years now and i just started to go to a performing ats high school and they put the bass guitarists and guitarists in the same classes and i just picked up an acoustic guitar and started fooling around and just got the hang of it, now i write my own music and stuff.