just this morning, i picked up a Vintage v100 (http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/72458 except mine is tobacco)...the only problem is, im getting fret buzz all over the 6th string, in a crap load of places, i took it back to the store like an hour later and told the dude to fix it, and as soon as i played it when i got back home... it was only a minute bit better ='[

im a total electric newb, and i've only been playing acoustic since september...so be gentle with me x]

so my question:
does anyone know if vintage v100s are just crap? nearly every other string seems to be ok :/
thanks ^_^
It's probably just the action, you may need to raise it a bit.
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I've got a v100 and I can assure you its not crap atall.
I love mine to death !

But as ChemicalFire said, just sounds like the action needs rasing a bit.