i want to find a place where i can physically put get my hands on one, yet there arnt any in the area and the only retailer that holds them far as i can tell is musiciansfriend.com.

anyone know where i might find one between Sacramento and San Francisco CA?
I've seen them and copies at Guitar Center and Sam Ash used before, but that would be complete blind luck stumbling on one.

The basses are kind of fun, but I kind the guitars really uncomfortable to play on. They are very distinct looking, but if you have never tried, I would do your best to try one to play before buying one because they do feel kind of weird.
musicyo.com sells them that's the only place i've ever seen one outside of someone owning them
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You can sometime find them used, we sell them new at www.guitarend.com. I highly suggest buying one if you don't like it (I think you will) you could resell it.


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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
very few brick and mortar stores keep steinbergers in stock. I purchased mine without even trying it, but luckily i liked it. They have a very unique feeling, to say the least. Graphite steinbergers are hollow, and even the wooded ones are much lighter and smaller than regular guitars. Also the way you position your picking hand will be significantly different on most models since there is very little "body". In addition in my experience they balance very well and are extremely comfortable to sit down with or play standing up.
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