hey every 1 im lee a beginner guitarist just started like a couple days ago and im workin on the song Master Of Puppets by metallica so i would just like some ppl to send me some friend request!
hey dude whats up? if you are trying to do metallica after a couple days into starting guitar you might want to make that a long term goal because dude trust me its hard! haha but if i might make a few suggestions in songs(right side of the bed by atreyu, or bullet for my valentine deliver us from evil) check em out dude and see ya later,
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Post in the forums and eventually people will add you.
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Yeah posting in the forums will help you make new friends. You can also look around the profiles and stuff and leave comments and people may add you.
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im also new so i could be your friend. trust me, if your just starting out, you should learn a few chords . i remembered the first time i heard it and i thought it was pretty easy but its hard!
master of puppets probably not the first thing you wanna learn, start with chords, notes, and scales and then work your way up to easy songs and then to master of puppets
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I post in the forums, and I only have one friend. But, I'm kind of an a-hole, so maybe it'll go better for you...
Master of Puppets as your first song? daring.
Probably not the best idea though
Welcome to UG man! Hope you love this place
Ill add you, oh, and Enter Sandman might be better if you're starting out.

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If your a Rage Against The Machine fan you could try to learn something like Born Of A Broken Man or something like that. Starting out with Master Of Puppets will probably just disapoint.
head to the Guitar & Bas Basics forum for tips on playing guitar and easy songs to learn

and don't worry - friends come with time! just keep posting
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