This is the first song I have ever composed. It's an instrumental that I put together over the span of a day and a half. I kind of got lucky in that all the parts fell into place for me when I was coming up with it.

Some notes-
It sounds better in RSE on GuitarPro, but when I run it the cowbell skips on my computer.
I have no clue how to put vocals over this song (need some more musical knowledge), if anyone wants to give it a shot go for it and let me know how it goes.
Also for vocals you might be able to use the high part on the guitar but I am not so sure how that would come out.
Also i went for a minimalistic approach when I composed this song (more or less I was forced to by my lack of musical knowledge, but I am learning)

Lastly please give me feedback.
Sweet Tea ( Adios Compadre ).zip
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thats some good ideas...but they were very poorly composed in my opinion...try putting constant drum line, to achieve some rhythm...it will sound better imo...but as you said your still learning...so keep up the work
you are going out of key quite a lot of times. is this done purposely or not? because it seems out of place after the uplifting mood the intro gives off in the first half minute or so. i'd say that you should pay careful attention to the melody harmonies, because they seem to clash more then once the background chords.

but like khao said there are some nice ideas in there, in my opinion i just think they could've have worked out better.