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I'm making a CD of gay songs and I'm wondering if you have any suggestions of songs you'd like to add. So far I have:
A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson
A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys
Add whatever you want, just make it pretty gay.

NOT gay as in legitimately homosexual. Like "wow, thats a gay song"
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I Like Hardcore Boys - Limp Wrist

Unless you were just using gay as in something you don't like. In which case: up yours.

EDIT: Fake Fags Fuck Off - Limp Wrist
The Ode: Limp Wrist
Does Your Daddy Know? - Limp Wrist
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Elton John.

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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What What in the Butt?
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so she took off my pants and was gonna give me dome (head). fukk yeah, free dome (head) (i'm used to hiring prostitutes).as she inched her head closer to my pen0r, she pulled her hand outta nowhere and sandpapered my mini mr.happyman!
"too sexy for my shirt" by right said fred

anything by culture club

rock againsts ass, rendezvous with anus, sailor man, denim demon by Turbonegro

some stuff by King Adora has heavy gat inference.
See Pansy Division or Black Fag.
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I want your heart.
I want to eat your children.

-Mike Tyson

*Does the dance*
I Just Saw The Gayest Guy on Earth by the infamous Anal Cunt.
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What is Love.

Or anything by m.c.r, avenged sevenfold, fall out boy, or the used.
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Gay bar, Gay Bar, Gay Bar!

That song has to have the funniest video I've ever seen.

EDIT: Here's a link to the vid
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CFH82, I love you. I didn't laugh, but my god, I love you.

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Holy shit, that was epic. A mighty roar escapeth'd my mouth.

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I saw a penis.
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Wham anyone?

"J-j-j-jitterbug... J-j-j-jitterbug... You put the boom boom into my heart..."
Any Gorge Michael song like Faith especially
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This fine fellow speaks the truth.

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dude sonic music??? you're my hero!

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Love you

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Anything by Justin Timberlake - NSYNC - Backstreet Boys - New kids on the block - Spice girls... and newer Avenged Sevenfold sucks sooo hard too
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Any song by Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu etc etc ad infinitum.

/me runs

We are the Champions is pretty much about being gay from my understanding. Huzzah for Freddy Mercury.
looks up kevin aviance...i saw her/him on the tyra banks show (sister was watching) and sweet jesus did i LOL
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"J-j-j-jitterbug... J-j-j-jitterbug... You put the boom boom into my heart..."

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