Would having some of your original songs based closely on riffs or chords or ideas that another band has used, but discarded considered plagiarism?
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1, 4, 5, my friend. 1, 4, 5.
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it happens all the time in music......i can think of tons of songs using D, A, G.......it's a personal thing
well i wouldn't worry about it too much, as long as you dont replicate the ideas you should be fine.

everyone uses everyone elses ideas and makes it their own, it's just the way it is.
Ever hear of 1-4-5? like very blues artist has used this pattern, in either D, A, C, or G

and well they all put they're own guitar like touch to it.

But a VERY generic pattern.
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Not really. I personally think The Pretender (by Foo Fighters) is based heavily on Stairway lol.
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1 4 5? PAH!

I prefer 6 2 7, what a cadence!
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1 4 5? PAH!

I prefer 6 2 7, what a cadence!

1 4 5 is boring
what about
7 3 5 never tested it...
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Some of the greatest ideas out there are re-interpretations or continuations of someone else's work. Applies to most things (music, invention, business, etc).

They call it evolution.
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Find me a song where the chords haven't been used at least 3 times before in that order recent history and i'll pay for your ticket her so you can kick my arse.
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USe the exact same chords. It's the melodies and arrangement of the song that makes it unique. Songs can have similar melodies, but if they're arranged differently and have a different feel, I wouldn't call it a theft.
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Nah its not wrong, everyone bloody does it. Oasis do it all the ****ing time.

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