Askin her out man that was a blast,
all I got was a laugh in the face(and a pat on the back),
I said "yo" and she said "hey"
right from the start things wernt goin my way
They said do it the worst is a no
besides now ive gotta funny story and no scars to show
but thats not the best far from it you dont even know
when i walked up to her all i could see was "no"
although i have to admit that no didnt hurt me one bit
everywhere i turned apologies assaulted me
people telling me "aww dude that sucks"
and "third times the charm,worked for me"
i told them it didnt afect me
when she said no it didnt occur that she rejected me
jason said shed say yes
but i didnt guess that he lied to me
turns out when i asked
......she didnt know me
well rejection sucks we all know
turns out its like a big rock show
having fun one minute,having a blast
then your knocked down,lying flat on your ass

a song about my friend being rejected

criticize please
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