Im in need of a new amp. Ive got battle of the bands in a few weeks, and my Marshall MG30DFX (ive been wanting a new amp for a while now...) is in the repair shop with a busted "on" switch and wont be back for a few weeks. If went and tried an orange tiny terror, along with quite a few others but the TT is my fav so far. Would the TT be loud enough for a school auditorium show? I really dont need much headroom, if i need any at all. The genres of music i play vary from blues, classic rock, neoclassical and br00t4l stuff. Also, is a 2x12 better than a 1x12? And which cabinets are good? (i can't order stuff online)
It is a GREAT little amp. It can get QUITE heavy on it's own, but for T3H Br00TAlZ, you will probably need a OD pedal.
And yes, it will be loud enough for gigs, probably not with the best cleans it's capable of though.
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Sounds like a very nice amp for your style. It has a very wide range of sound, you would probably want to pick up an OD though.

Look into a Orange or Mesa 2x12. A 2x12 is better then a 1x12 because it spreads the sound more, but the 1x12 is more portable.

The ap should be pretty loud, but I'm not sure if it would be loud enough for a full auditorium. You would probably mic it if you did, which shouldn't be a problem. Although the 15 watts is just when it begins to break up unlike other amps.
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The TT should be plenty loud, depending on the number of people crammed in there. An OD will also make it seem louder as well. It'll help cut through.
Love that TT tone!
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