First off, and so that were on the same wavelength, I'll refer you to my post in the drug thread.

I need some serious help regarding coke.

I have only one kidney; I was born with two but had one removed when I was 3 years old. This hasn't affected my life in any way at all. Suffice to say, I drink, play phyisical sports and smoke pot (I don't know if pot effects the kidneys at all, I highly doubt it, but you understand that I live a life as normal as the next guy).

Recently I have discovered cocaine and I'm wondering if anyone can give my any information about the effects it has on the body. I have read a few websites saying that the kidneys are involved in the process when cocaine is ingested, but I don't know if it's comparable to drinking alchohol as I have drank very large amounts and remained unharmed.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Now, before you shout GO VISIT A DOCTOR NOT THE PIT, that is what this thread is about. I do plan on asking my college counselor and would appreciate help from the pit to go about doing so, by which I mean... well I can't word it correctly. But any advice regarding this or even my previous post would be very much appreciated. After all, it's a matter of my health.

Thanks, guys.

In before "die junkie."
im not a docter. but i know the kidneys almost clean the body and only having one might make it alot harder to do that.

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coke is bad

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Drug thread
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If you do coke you deserve to have something bad happen to you, as you've brought it on yourself.

You'll be ok. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
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Jesus, I hate it when people come in these topics and just flame.

I'd find out all I can from various people and sources, maybe ask some med students, then if you're still up for it try a little bit, and see how it affects you in the long(er) term.
You state that you are worried about your health. So regardless of only having one kidney, it is bad for your health.
I think erowid and Wikipedia should have some info on how cocaine is metabolized in the body.
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your kidneys basicly break down toxic materials in your bloodstream. Just about anything you ingest gives them work to do. Id imagine its a similar story with alcohol and coke - just dont do it in excess but u probly shouldnt anyway cokes fun occasioally but ud be better off not letting it get out of hand. GANJA FTW!!!
You´ll die form an overdose and ruin your and everyone around your lifes. But hey im no doctor.
Thanks to the guys who are being helpful. I'm trying to read as many articles as I can, but it's difficult to link it to my situation. It's difficult to understand whether this is going to cause a direct threat to my health, in which case I'll go nowhere near it, or whether it's a hyped yet very existent issue similar to alcohol.