Alright, so I have a Korg GA-30 tuner. Korg now makes newer models called the GA-40, which comes with an output jack. So, does anyone know how hard it would be to put an output jack on the GA-30 so I could put it in my chain? I've opened it up, but I can't find a place where the jack should go and to what it would be connected to.

Keep in mind I'm very new to electronics.

Thanks for any help!



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I have a Korg tuner on my pedalboard, but I have it from the dry output of my Whammy, I don't use the output of the tuner.
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you could put a switch in it that acts sort of as a killswitch, except instead of grounding the hot signal when it's not being sent to the tuner, have it bypass directly to the output jack.
(basically just a bypass switch, the same as you'd see in an average pedal.)

I really don't think that this would all fit inside the tuner's case, though...
You could re-mount everything inside a new enclosure, but that'd be more work than it's worth.

You could just parallel the input to the output you're adding.
But I really don't see the point.
You don't have much room in there.
Besides, the GA-40 is only $20.
Buy one and sell your GA-30, or give it to a friend?

Or just get a mono "Y-cord" adapter?

Your guitar cable plugs into the female.
One male plugs into your amp.
The other into your tuner.
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You're right SYK, I'll probably just do that instead. I didn't really notice the price of the GA-40.

I'll think I'll go with the Y-cord adapter. Thanks everyone.
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No problem.

If you want a nice cheap actual tuner pedal, there's a new (I think it's new...) Ibanez tuner pedal that's supposed to be true bypass.

Ibanez LU-20. I recomend it. LED's are real bright.
i have that tuner

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