I thought it sounded pretty cool. I really liked the part when it picks up at around 1:04. I loved solo with the tremlo picking. You guys sound really unique.

I could hear some wrong notes here and there, but for the most part it sounded really good.

I liked the sax that comes in at 3:32. The song actually holds my interest all the way through eventhough its an instrumental, thats good.

Great job

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Greatly enjoyed it. The musicianship is great - and consistent - though there's a few bits where the complex time makes it a little too hard to work out what's going on. It's a cop-out I know, but I think the overall vibe reminds me of the infamous '69 Woodstock version of 'Soul Sacrifice'.

The recording quality is decent too, I assume it's a live jam (or else intended to sound like one) and it works perfectly in the context. The sax solo really kicks things up a notch and despite being all-instrumental it's quite an accessible track.
Bass-playing is particularly superb though I would have liked to hear an upright in there somewhere! Otherwise, I'd suggest maybe smoothing out some of the time sig changes, to keep the listener involved and avoid alienating non-musicians...

If you want to do a bit of critic-ising yourself, have a look at this thread. We're a bit pedestrian in comparison to your sound, 'Meltdown' would probably interest you the most.