Hey guys,

I was looking around for extension cabinets on a budget and I found a place where I can get a good deal on this little number http://www.musicstore.de/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/MusicStore-MusicStoreShop-Site/nl_NL/-/NLG/ViewProductDetail-Start;pgid=TOZgSBShVSfZObRg000000000000hGRwTSvk?CatalogVideo=&ProductUUID=wljVqHzmoQkAAAEXLkVgyFir&CatalogCategoryID=xd7VqHzlWIEAAAEVshpWf70R&JumpTo=OfferList

a framus FR-212 CB 100 watt box

Now I was wondering, would this be a good buy in itself? would it be worth the money to buy this, and then swap out the speakers later? Cause somehow, I just like the picture of my AC30 combo sitting on top of it.

oh and any suggestions on other cabinets would be welcome of course! I've already got my eyes on a tonetubby, but being european and a poor one at that, those can be a bit of a hassle to get
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swap the speakers later? wtf?
those are V 30, the best speakers you can get for modern rock or metal.
i have that cabinet, and if ur amp has enough bass, this little thing sounds awesome.