I bought an RG2570E VSL and It arrived today, I was changing the strings and I couldn't do it right because of the trem angle and things but I made many attempts at tuning it but the high e string snapped. Is this a result of me doing too much tuning and bridgework or is something wrong coz i'm sure they are supposed to last longer than a few hours... :'( :S
Too many wraps around the tuning post maybe? Where does it snap at?
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A few questions:

-did you remove all the strings at once?

-if yes, was the high e string taking all the spring tension?

On top of that, sometimes strings just break. This could be becasue there's an imperfection on the saddle or simply because the strings crap.

I once emailed Ernie Ball after my high e broke straight away. They told me that this occassionally happens, plus they gave me six free new strings.
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Okay firstly I took the strings off one by one and I replaced the high e string last. And I wound it round only once...
ive had that happen. i think the string was just a crap string.
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Ernie Ball RPS strings have prevented breakage for me before. I get them from Musicians Friend.
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it was a crap string Use DR Strings they never break on me and trust me on this i am a heavy user of the trem.