This was a pretty direct emotional little song for me. I write pop music, but I want it to be quality pop music. So i'm curious to see what you guys think? c4c. the link is in my sig if you are curious to hear it.

We’ll sit, we’ll sit stealing hours from the weekend
That I won’t forget
We’ll talk, we’ll talk spilling feelings into blankets
That you won’t clean up

I’m thinking this is all I could ever want
But I’m thinking that it’s more than I could ever take from you

We’ll sink, we’ll sink through the cracks in conversation
And lie so still
I’ll hope you knew exactly what I meant
And exactly how I feel

all i want is more than i can take from you
I read the lyrics first and I wasn't impressed. They aren't bad, but it's that kind of stuff you hear a thousand times every day and some lines are really cliché, you know?
I then listened to the song on your myspace and I must say, I'm impressed. The lyrics fit perfectly, the music itself is beautiful, as is your voice. I really like it. I kept the window open to listen to your other songs too

I know I wasn't much of a help, more like a suck up, but if you feel like it please have a look at this.
Thanks everyone.

to phantom1- Yeah, i understand how you'd see it as the kind of stuff you'd see every day. I wasn't really trying to be impressive lyrically...just honest. I was hoping it wasn't too simple, because i'd still like some parts to be seen as somewhat clever. Thanks a lot for checking out my other stuff.