Hi all...

With my birthday and graduation coming up I figured it was time to pressure my parents for a USB Audio interface and a MIDI synth...

I am gonna record with my electric guitar straight in to the audio interface (no mic) and use the synth for piano tracks, drumbeats and everything else you can use it for...

My brother has an M-Audio fast track USB, which i think is pretty decent and the audio quality when recording is enough for me But it has no MIDI Input.

But then i saw the M-Audio Keyrig which they say that you can connect trough your USB, but how well does that work compared to plugging it in to a MIDI interface? And can i just plug it in and start recording in cubase sx3 or is it more to it?

and i also need them to work on both XP and Vista...

feel free to come with other suggestions on Interfaces and Keyboards in the same price range...
USB keyboards like the M-Audio ones don't need any MIDI inputs as it is all transmitted with the USB connection. They rarely come with integrated sounds though, so you would have to use VST instruments within Cubase.

The M-Audio Oxygen series can be used with XP and Vista, and will plug in and play with Cubase with some configuration. However, the synths included with Cubase are far from amazing, so you'll have to either buy some or download some free ones.
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damn, i just saw that the M-Audio synths weren't compatible with xp media center edition....

so those are out of the picture...

EDIT: was looking at CME M-Key, is that supported with XP MCE? It says it's "class-compliant with Windows Vista/XP ", so that shouldn't be a problem right?
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Lol, I am ashamed to say I don't even know what Media Center edition is.
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Quote by fridge_raider
Lol, I am ashamed to say I don't even know what Media Center edition is.

It's a Windows version meant more for home theater/entertainment than office work. Here's the M audio FAQ on that.

And I can't understand how M Audio isn't going to work...a good idea may be to get XP Home, unless you really need to have MCE's extra features. As for the CME keyboard, it's hard to tell, since the M Audio also supports XP. Here's a list of companies who DON'T work with it.
I don't think i wanna buy XP Home since I'm moving out from my parents in august and will buy a laptop which problaby will have vista, so i just figured i wanted something which would work until I move out...
The CME won't necessarily work, because the M-Audio gear that is class compliant doesn't work either.
There is poetry in despair.
but i've used alot of things on the list that fast fingers posted. for example M-Audio Fast Track USB, Cubase sx3, NI Guitar Rig... And I've never noticed anything unusual.

so maybe it's just that they can't guarantee that everything will work perfectly, but it might work. And that list is more than 2 years old, so guess maybe that's why i've got those things to work...

EDIT: and the fast track System Requirements says the same thing as the keyrig, so maybe it works, i dunno...
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I'm afraid you're going to run into lots of problems running XP Media Center Edition. This OS limits your home studio options a good deal (at least from my experience).

You could pick up a copy of XP Pro off eBay cheap and dual boot XP and MCE.

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true... but i don't think i've got the energy for that, since i'm thinking of buying a new computer in a few months...