Well i got myself a nice electric guitar, cheaply cause it had a damaged machine head (the shop arn't alowed to repair and resell them). So i fixed the tuning head no problem and it sounds great. I LOVE IT

I got it in the first place cause even when i could only play it in the shop with five strings it was great. Thing is now im curios about it and i didn't make a note of what model it is. And i dont have a handy box to read! :p

So I googled "G2 Les Paul Guitar" and a guitar looking very much like mine came up. Unfortunatly this picture didn't let me have a close look at the head of the guitar. on the head of mine it only says "G2" not "Stagg" as i believe ALL stag guitars do?

Went to Stagg's website and the only G Series i could find were all "G1" and were without a doubt mimicing the Gibson SG. So does anyone else have one of these G2's cause id really like to know what model mine is?

love :P
Graeme, there is a Stagg section on here somewhere, .I,ve got the jazz model vs300 and like it a lot.
this was a guitar range that we produced for a big Scottish dealer a few years back now! I believe these LP models were the equivalent of a Stagg L320. Everything is the same bar the logo! Hope this helps.
I have a guitar pretty much like that one. It's quite terrible, but if you like it that's fine