anyone know anything about sonar 7 producer edition?
I got it free - I won it - and I dont have a computer capable of running it - I'm looking for the cheapest computer I can find to run it. I'm dieing to try it - but I think it will take me a long time to figure it out
Thanks for your help
I think you need Sam_I_Am. Im sure he mentioned sonar and his recordings are pretty decent if you ask me
I have it and use it exclusively. To run it effectively you'll need at least 2ghz of processor from any brand, 512mb of decent RAM, and about 50gb of free HD, preferably 7200RPM. At those specs you won't be able to do many fx laden tracks or VSTi's, but you should be able to multi-track to some extent.

Feel free to ask anything you need to know.
Nice it definatley beats Logic protools and everything else. BUT you need to know how to use it, which takes a long while..
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Mr Pillow

Thank you - but what is my most inexpensive way out in terms of a computer?
I have a program tht I dont have a computer to run it on - I'm using outdated windows 2000
I'm thinking in terms of a laptop - since the regular computers make to much noise. I do classical acoustic solo instrumental guitar music.
any suggestions??
thanks again
Any laptop that meets the specs I listed above should do fine for tracking single guitar.
CPU, RAM and hard drive space should be your main concerns. In that order.
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