the metal settings is awesome and so are the clean channels. The "classic rock"-part is not so good though. sounds little bit too artificial.

overall, it's a fine amp
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i use mine for melodeath and its really good. I was using it in my old band, the velvets, and we played indie so its an amp for all genres. well thats what i think anyways
I own the envoy 110 and it's pretty sweet for a little 40w amp. I can only imagine the Bandit takes the envoy to the next level.
I have the Peavey Transtube Studio Pro 112, I imagine these two are somewhat similar amps.
I love mine. =]
its great for the money, but its no tube amp, can get a great Van Halen tone out of it, but low gain sounds thin.
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Its the most versatile amp I've ever played, and i've played alot of amps. This thing can everything from Santana to Metallica and Steve Vai to Eric Clapton. Highly recommended.
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Its closer to the sound of tubes (all the Peavey Transtubes) than any affordable solid state amp, and in general can be turned up much louder than its competition before clipping, giving it a much higher usable power rating.
The whole peavey transtube series slaughters other SS amps around it's price.
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I have an older one I got for really cheap. Its pretty good but I can barely get any distortion on it so I just use a pedal. Its loud enough though.