So ive been playing for almost 2 years now but ive pretty much just been learning songs i liked. I recently started wanting to write my own stuff and i know theres plenty of lessons on here, i just wanted some advice as to where to start or what to do? thanks
If you want music theory, read the "learn your theory" lesson in my sig. You probably kinda know a lot of it, but it's good to get on the same page as everyone. There are a few errors, some more significant than others, but when you ask us questions about it, and you WILL have questions, those errors should be corrected by me and the other regulars.

Edit: The "Melodic Control-Learn to Solo" link takes you to a Marty Friedman lesson on soloing, too.

A poster named Stash Jam lists some of the errors. I'm working on fixing those. In addition, read some of the comments after the article, as some of them may explain things.