So my band needs a drummer. We're just getting started so we don't have demos, or a MySpace, or even a name yet. I've tried searching online with no success. I've asked a few people, nobody knows any drummers. I don't really want to ask every single person I know (but I do plan to ask at least a few more), so basically, where would I go to find a drummer? Is there some magical exotic place where they all hang out? Like coffee shops? The drum section at Long & McQuade? Street corners?
I'm having the same problems. Drummers are a rare species, it seems.
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Everyone wants to be a ****in guitarist, thats why there arent alot!
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You could always get a drum machine or a decent synth. If you get something going, it would probably be easier to pick up a drummer later.

I think the Eagles of Death Metal literally just had a CD with the drum track for awhile.

The Ramones just forced their manager to do the drumming because no wanted to, that is always a plan. Go up to someone, had them some drum sticks and tell them they are a drummer now.
Maybe try going into the drum sections at Sam Ash and Guitar Center. Or posting an ad some place like in a paper maybe. I kno one drummer, but i know waaaaaay more guitar players.

EDIT: Try to record some stuff and put it on Myspace or something like that. Have some1 else do the drumming temporarily. It should be easier to find some1 when you already have a somewhat established sound. At least establish that a band is there.
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As a drummer, I can say for certain that my kind are a rare species. Even rarer is a drummer who can actually drum well. We tend to hang out at watering holes or in the woods. You can find me under a bridge hanging out with a troll. We are a mysterious kind.

But seriously.

Get someone to do it temporarily, just using simple beats. Eventually, either they'll get good or you'll find a real one.
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To be honest, if you want a drummer for a metal band, youll have to look hard for a drummer. But for alot of other things, you can pick anyone that you think will be a dedicated musician, get him to buy a drumkit, and within months, he'll be a relatively OK drummer. (Indie/punk/rock/etc.)
dude i've had the same problem for 5 months, but.......I just found a drummer hahahahaha!!!! My reign of terror has begun!!!
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they're probably playing drums........

try the whole myspace thing, then just post all over it saying u need a drummer.
but u'll need some friends if it's gonna work, so just keep adding anyone until you've got enough to start advertising a drummer.
hope it helped
Here's how to get a drummer:
step 1- get a friend with who is wants to be in the band but has no musical talent.
step 2- buy him/her a bucket and drum sticks.
step 3- have your friend tap like a metronome.
step 4- put him/her on stage and pray that thinngs go well.
Its because everyone wants to play guitar.. and everyone who does thinks they're just oh-so-great.. when in reality they usually are just some kids trying to play guitar that suck terribly and have a crappy setup.

so yeah.. not enough people play drums.
but not enough people play CELLOS too.
I've discovered that it is pretty difficult to find any drummers in my area as well.

I think we should have a Join my band sticky so we could find people local to join bands.
i have the same problem, my guitarist is doing our drums right nao but he ain't too happy about that
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mah hardcore band
My band has gone through 3 drummers without a gig, and the annoying thing is that they are all brilliant drummers, just really unreliable. We're running very very low on good drummers in the are now.
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this may seem weird, but a good place to look would be percussionists from a high school bands. They may seem like complete band geeks, but when they play a drum set they are just incredible from all of the experience that they've had.
As a drummer who learned guitar and bass so I can write my own music ...

I was sick of being "second class" band citizen. You know I kind of get tired of not getting to contribute anything other than glorified click tracks. I understand theory and can write lyrics (a bit dark in nature...but still) but nope.

Just for fun, look at your local "music finder" website and you'll find it full of guitarist advertising that they have tons of material ready and just need a drummer. Well...maybe you should start from scratch and allow everyone to write some material.

Funny thing is I'm probably going to join a band as a drummer again, since I can't find a drummer myself (I want to do every members material not just mine)!
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bassists are harder to find >
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Yeah, but you can convince guitarists to switch to bass. You can just lie and tell them it's easy.
we have that problem with someone to sing...

as for a drummer, just buy some sticks, find one of your best mates and tell him/her they now play drums. theyl pick it up pretty quick realy. well at least basic beats and as they get better they can do more complex and interesting beats
Hit the internet. Find out the local classifieds and myspace, facebook etc. Post everywhere with your influences and what you're looking for. Thats how I found my singer and bassist. There are plenty of drummers out there, and when you find one you'll spend most of your time talking over them beating on s***, wondering why you ever wanted to get a f***ing drummer
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lol where i am theres 1 bassist, 3 guitarist and everyone else plays drums...

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if u want a drummer you could always go to your nearest guitar center(if u have one close by)
Go to the band wing/section of your School, and ask around there.

Chances are there's at least one person who wants to further their drumming abilities.
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TS, our band's in pretty much the same situation. Drummers are so hard to find and when you do find them they never turn up for practice etc.
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Its because everyone wants to play guitar.. and everyone who does thinks they're just oh-so-great.. when in reality they usually are just some kids trying to play guitar that suck terribly and have a crappy setup.

so yeah.. not enough people play drums.
but not enough people play CELLOS too.

Exactly. Everyone owns a guitar and wants to be a rock star. I know a bunch of kids in my school who play guitar, and half of them are in bands, and all of those bands suck with no musical substance. Owning a guitar doens't make you a guitarist, playing the guitar does. Beyond that though, drummers are a bitch to find. It's like finding a 4 leaf clover, or being struck by lightning. And once you have a drummer you'll find that you get the best of both those worlds. It will be fantastical and horribly painful at the same time.

Good luck
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I'm a drummer, I play drums in a band. Drums are my first instrument, guitars and bass I play as well but I'm nowhere near as proficient with them as I am w/ the drums. You just got to know where to look I guess, ask around your school if you go to school, the percussion section at music stores (I always like to play those electronic kits they have up in the stores).
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I've discovered that it is pretty difficult to find any drummers in my area as well.

I think we should have a Join my band sticky so we could find people local to join bands.

That would be the Musician subforum of the Classifieds forum. That's pretty much as sticky as you get, bud.
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I found a really good drummer by accident where I work, and then I found out he's related to me! But we don't have anyone else in the band... we need a bassist and a singer, and it'd be nice to find another guitarist to play rhythm. one of my friends plays bass and keyboard, and is all 'hell yea let's start a band' on AIM but then whenever I ask if he wants to go play he has some excuse....

But then today I got a call from a friend I haven't seen in a while (who happens to be good on just about any kind of instrument) saying he's got a band together and asked me to join em. they already have two guitarists but apparently both of em are noobs. he said one has potential but just doesn't have the experience yet, and the other one just doesn't try.

wow, I just realized something. I doubt anyone here gives a shit.