ive been busted before for smokin in my room on like the 2nd week of school. that was a long time ago but now im always a suspect whenever the security guard comes around. recently ive been using the old dryer fabric softener sheets in the tube trick, but i was wondering if anybody else had some good ways that worked for them. and please dont just say dotn smoke in your room. i know im gonna do it anyways.
Put I sign on you door that says "I am NOT smoking pot"
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get a vaporizor it doesn't smell!
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Do you have one of those fan thingies in your bathroom, that filters the air when you're taking the shower? I hear you can blow the smoke into that.
no fan. no car to hot box. and why do you people wanna tell me what not to do. it is my body and bitch i do what i want.
try sticking a wet towel under the door nice and tight and febreeze

or, like said before, place a fan blowing out of a window and blow into the fan, the smoke will go outside.
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i do too but some times like now. and when im playin guitar i just like to sit in here and smoke its much easier.
i drink instead
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Inhale every bit of smoke.

You'll Never Walk Alone
Grow up and do heroin like a big boy.
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invite the guard to light up a fatty with you. if he refuses then he is just plain rude.
I'm sure you've thought of this but I'd like to know why you don't do it. Open your window and smoke out of it?
im savin for the volcano. i dont like to smoke out of cheap pieces. i dont know why. but yeah i dont got a vape yet
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i cant smoke out the window cause the resident advisors room is right across in the next room and thats how i got busted the first time.
Get a Vaporizer, or some towels and a ****load of Febreeze, Febreeze is like the best thing to get the pot smell out of the air.
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I used to be an Ra in a dorm at Florida State. If you are going to smoke in the dorms, I suggest you smoke a lot of it, and spread the smell around. The general rule of thumb is that if you can't pinpoint the smell, you can't find the people responsible.