So my birthday is coming up, and i'm trying to decide on a new guitar to get. I think i've narrowed it down to two choices:


The Ibanez was the first guitar I found that I considered. I play mostly metal so the EMGs are a big draw. Based on the reviews it has great playability and is very comfortable, not too mention it looks amazing.

The main reason I consider the Schecter is because it has 7 strings. I'm constantly tuing down, so it seems like it would be a good idea to have a 7 string, especially since it can also be used as a 6 string in E.

My current guitar is an Ibanez starter, which isn't terrible but I think it's time to upgrade.

Someone care to lend a second opinion? I would also consider other guitars if someone suggested them, but $350 is really as high as i can go.
Playing a seven string is that you have an exra low string, which might get in the way. And if you tune everything down, like into Drop C, you wont be able to play certain things. I would go with an Omen 6. Maybe look into some ESPs, they seem pretty good as well.
man if u play metal go for an esp becuase u get actuall Emg's in there and not those crappy select pickups. they selects sound like crap.
I think youd be happier saving and trying out more guitars.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
i bought a schecter damien 6 and i like it a lot. schecter is quality and i find that ibanez bodies are really small like they were built for a 2 year old or something...
Just to clarify, the Ibanez has EMG Designed passives. They're probably not much better than the stock pickups on the schecter.