hello all,

Im about to undertake a fun project and could use some info and direction. I need and want to build me my first pedal board. i can list the pedals i use and what im hoping to pull off and if anyone can help me. I would be really greatful.

First off, let if be known that im broke and cheap, but dont mind doing it myself to save money. lol.

List of pedals....
1. DDR-11 Dime Dist--fully working
2. Zak Wylde Wah----fully working
3 Morley Wah NSW(non switch wah)--full working
4. Boss Tuner chromatic--fully working
5. Boss NS-1 noise gate--fully working
6. DOD compressor FX80B--fully working
7. Whammy 4---------------This is the problem. i got this pedal for next to nothing but found out later that it didnt fully work. The WHammy effect works perfect. The problem is you cant turn it off. Not wanting to Whammy all the time, this is a big problem. Being Cheap makes getting a new one out of the question. lol

Here is my idea. ABY switch
use A to run all my effects except for defect whammy
use B to run whammy (which is on all the time)

then toggle the whammy on and off as needed(or not needed)

I really need help with this, INCLUDING the proper order for the effects chain. I know thats usually a user prefrence but i welcome user opinions. Please give me any ideas that you think could help me out and any diagrams are welcomed too.

Are you gonna use the Morley wah or the ZW wah more? Since the morley is a non-switchable wah, you might have to throw another ABY switch in the board. I would put the Wah first, the the distortion, then the compressor, the noise gate, and the tuner. You can make it smaller by making a seperate spot for the wah, then using two levels for the rest of your pedals. I think it would look cool.
Thanks for your response. i will prolly use the zak wah but if there is a way to use everything. i would sure love to.

any thoughts on the Whammy issue?

lastly...to make sure i understand properly.

Amp (Randall RG100) to Wah(Zak)to Dist(dime),to Comp(DOD),to the Noise Gate, to the tuner, from Tuner to guitar?

what about the aby switch and the whammy?

thanks again for reply
i could make you a truebypass looper for the whammy. LED and everything. would cost about $30. pm me if you're interested
PM sent-

anybody else have ideas? im gonna take a hardshell case i have thats pretty beat up and retecangular to make my board. anyone ever done this??? any body have pics of their setups?

No, you want the wah right next to your guitar, then distortion, then modulation type stuff, and then delay, etc. go in the loop.

The whammy is preference I guess. Actually, it's all preference, but that's the order that works for most.
will the chain position change if you end up using a triple loop bypass? if i were to get my paws on one, what would be the rule of thumb regarding it. Or, does it matter since its a true bypass. sorry to ask so many questions

The looper would have 3 loops and a seperate tuner. I believe this will fix my whammy issue and also allow me better tone loss. Am i right?

update------ just got my hands on a 3 loop bypass w/ sep tuner and a DOD 7 band EQ pedal. I should start building my pedal board very soon. Im still taking advice on pedal placement. All ideas are welcome. I tend to play hard rock to metal but i also like to play everything inbetween too. Keep up the good suggestions and thank you to all. -Rel
Try the whammy everywhere to see where you like it the best, but you could have it at the beginning of the chain so the tracking works the best.
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since my last post i have aquired a few new pedals and im currently building my pedal board. I am also taking pics and i will post them after the project is done. -Rel