I've decided to make my Ibanez into a more classic and powerful beast with more sustain and fattness. I already dismantled the guitar entirely and sanded of all the black poly finish. Now i'm just sanding it with lighter sand paper to make it super smooth and all the contors nice and slick. I plan to finish it in black and green sunburst with the green busting through the black on both sides. I also plan to do the same to the headstock but i havent sanded it yet because i don't have an Ibanez logo decal yet but i soon will. After all the wood is refinished i plan to put in two Golden Age nickle cover humbuckers and re wire the electronics like a paul reed smith with the exception of using the rotory switch. First i have a few questions how smooth does the surface of the body have to be for me to finish it with nitrocellulose? like what grit of sand paper should i go up to

pics of the sanded body soon to come
It is made out of basswood just like Paul Gilbert's which surprises me beecause its a beginner ibanez but the neck is so fast, smooth and feels so nice that it was worth keeping.
Basswood is a relatively cheap wood. Alot of lower-end stuff is built out of basswood, guitars and basses alike. Messing around with Kisekae, i do like that grre to black burst, but i also like Yellow inside to green edges, and i think it looks best on RGs. I would put two uncovered Golden Ages instead of covered ones. I think covered ones wouldnt look too good to me. As for finishing, i would go up pretty high with the sanding, maybe 400 or 800. And then sand between coats of nitro.
I know basswood is cheap but Paul Gilbert's Ibanez PGM100 is made of it so it has to be pretty good i'm gonna go with the covered golden ages though. Nitro doesn't come in green so i'm staining the body green then clear coating it in nitro then after the clear coating is done i'm gonna do the black then i'm gonna clear coat the whole thing and buff it.
back from ban. here is a pic of what it looked like before i sanded the hell out of it.
its the black ibanez i'm holding up duh
dude, can't wait to see after! sounds aweomse color scheme. and i use a VERY wet 600 grit that i rub together so it's almost just paper. but i use clear enamel, so i dunno.

and i still own my first guitar, an ibanez, and i love it. put a little work in and it plays like a dream.

good luck!
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Here are the picture after i sanded of the thick evil sustain robbing poly finish . Some spots are not completely finished but i ran out of sand paper. When i get more 100 grit i will finish the removal of he poly then i will sand with 220 o get it ready for staining and nitrocellulose.

does it have a small split in the wood on the front?
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I just need confirmation from someone if the body is made of basswood or agathis because i've heard that some ibanez's are made from agathis but i think mine is mmade of basswood so can someone please tell me.
I've screwed with cheap-o guitars made of both. The agathis softer then basswood and sandpaper goes through it like butter.

Here's a chunk of basswood and a slice of agathis body from a Platinum Warlock.

I think yours looks like basswood.
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I think mine is basswood from your picture. it seems to dark to be agathis. whats your take kind sir

That's what I'd guess as well. I'm no expert, but the grain isn't all washed like the agathis. The color might be a little off too, there's still some unsanded clear left on my sample. Color-wise the agathis is a little browner then the basswood.
any chance of you sending me your strat?

good work btw. Should be sweet when you finish it.
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any chance of you sending me your strat?

good work btw. Should be sweet when you finish it.

you should see my strat now its way better than it was in that pick may I should post a thread of it.
Change of plans guys. Originally I was going to paint this a green sunburst but since the grain of basswood is very nice I'm doing a solid silverburst paint job.
New change of plans guys, I am no longer going to put nitro on this axe because it will not make as big a difference in tone because its made of basswood. Now I plan to paint it an off red color using hardware store spray paint. I will prime tomorrow and post pics soon.