Does anyone know the name of the guitar Jack Black uses in "The Pick Of Destiny"? It's black and has an SG (double cutaway) body but it's acoustic. Can you buy one somewhere?

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i have no idea but i have wondered the same thing myself. it is one bitchin sweet axe. haha im thinking it might be a custom... so.....
haha doesnt SG stand for solidbody guitar? anyways yea its probably custom
I think its custom. But a realtively new company called Wechter makes double cutaway acoustics.
Its called a Gibson J-45 but i think its a custom. ->got it from an interview from guitarone
its an awful looking guitar.

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I don't know, but I really, really like that guitar. It would be awesome if I could have it... (My initials are JB too so it works out!)
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its an awful looking guitar.

I'd expect that it sounds about as good as the dean V acoustic, as well..
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Found it.


It also sounds great according to GuitarOne and GuitarPlayer magazines.

close, but i think jb's has a deeper cutaway than that...
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