so i have to do a research paper in lit on examining george orwell's animal farm as a political satire. Right now all we have to do is take 30 note cards. My problem is that i'm not really sure what I should take notes on. So far I have taken notes on the character comparisons of the animals in the story to people in the russian revolution, that took up 6 cards =/. What other main ideas or areas should i hit on? Orwell's political views? Help me out pit!

also if you have any links that you think would be helpful i would greatly appreciate you sharing them
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what the windmill symbolized, the chickens rebelling, uh.. thats all i can think of.

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Read up on the Russian Revolution, specifically the October Revolution. Orwell's political views will give you a great deal of insight and the reasons WHY he wrote Animal Farm the way he did. Also, don't forget to research what happened to Russian commoners during Bolshevik rule. And don't forget to examine everything in the book.
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if its a research paper then youll need more than 6 cards on character comparisons...specific examples are whatcha need.
the commandments, how all are equal, but some more equal than others....i would give u my research paper, but i never saved it
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Like the constant use of songs. It unifies the animals, but at the same time takes away their independence. I already told you some other stuff, but I like posting.
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It's not hard to understand. Animal Farm tells the story of the communist revolution in Russia
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I have to read animal farm for english right now. I haven't started yet though. I'm going to read up on the russian revolution before I start.
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