Simple question, Im a beginner at guitar, and learning new things every day. Ive been playing for about a year. I have a squier acoustic. I want to get a squier electric.
So basically the question is, are squiers bad guitars? Im a beginner, keep in mind. I dont want something expensive until i get really good. thanks
If you can go up to $250, the Vintage Modified strats are good for squiers. Thier Affinity line is pretty bad stock, as is the Standard series.
iv got the squier bullet and it seemed okay for a few years(for a cheap guitar) but now its falling apart i cant play with distortion if i dont want my ears to bleed and i cant sell it anywhee for more than $30. so yes id say its a bad guitar
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I have a squier Jagmaster, best guitar i've ever owned. I'd say go with that, but stay away from the affinity series
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'Squier' guitars are typically Fender designs with cheaper parts, assembled in the far east to cut costs. Half the guitarists you meet under the age of 30 probably learned to play on one and they're pretty decent guitars, certainly for the low prices they sell for. All the same, I suggest you avoid the ultra-cheap 'Affinity' models.

There are better ones out there for beginners though, the Yamaha Pacifica being my personal fave. It's got a humbucking pickup which gives you a little more versatility, and the tuning is very stable compared to a Squier - go for the '112' model if you do decide on it. Vintage aren't bad these days either, if you live in the UK.
^ Yep, Yamaha are great electrics for beginners. That, or a lower-end Epiphone.

You'd definitely be better off going with humbuckers though. With Yamahas you can get a cheap, nice-looking, good playing guitar with a humbucker + single coil set up aswell as a whammy bar. Perfect for someone at your stage.
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good for beginners, yes

i had one as my first electric, and it held up pretty good. but if youve been playing for a year and learning stuff every day, you might want to go with something a little better
I'd go with the Pacifica 112 as kyle62 suggested. Squiers usually go wickedly out of tune pretty easily, the Yamaha is still cheap but a major step up.
I just got one. Its perfect. Dont worry about it, have questions about it, ask me.
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so i shouldnt get this one?
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Alright, well i really want the sunburst look so maybe ill just save $430 for a fender


is that a good guitar?

NO DUDE!!!! the first one you posted is crap, i bought that guitar in a pack for like 150, and it did its work for one show, then it started to fall apart, now it's at a pawn shop and i got 20 bucks out of it. The electronics went bad and luckly they worked while the pawn shop was testing it, cause now they have an unusable guitar. haha jokes on them.

But i suggest anything but a fender or squier. Go with an ibanez or an esp or something along the lines. But thats just me.
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Cheap Ibanez are pretty good for their price IMO, but DO NOT GET ONE WITH A LOCKING TREM, at least until you want to use a whammy bar and not go horribly out of tune.
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Check out the Samick Malibu excellent guitar for the $ should be under $200 brand new.
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